Deals on Flexees Shapewear Discount Alert

December 5th, 2010

If you are looking for deals on Flexees shapewear, read on for a few recent deal sightings we’ve seen on shapewear.

Flexees shapewear is an affordable body shaper alternative to other similar higher priced brands like Spanx, Yummie Tummie and Cass and Co. Flexees offers many slimming undergarments options including leggings, body briefers, full body slips, camisoles, waist cinchers and other shaping underwear. Flexees has different levels of shaping from lightweight control to ultra firm control and everything in between so you can find the right body shaper for you no matter how much firming control you need in your shapewear.

Where can you get deals on Flexees Shapewear?

We have found a couple of great deals on Flexees in some unlikely places.
First, an obvious place to go that offers some surprising discounts is the Maidenform website. Flexees by Maidenform can be found here for 20-30% off retail prices for many items. Some newer items that we noticed on the site are pieces in the Wear Your Own Bra Collection.

Have you seen the Flexees Ultimate Slimmer Arm Slimming Shrug or the Flexees Wear Your Own Bra Arm Toning Top? If you want your arms to look slender and lean and to give an overall slim look to your shape, these arm slimming shapewear garments are a great choice. Both arm slimmers, the arm slimming shrug and the arm toning long sleeved top are discounted about 20-30% off at the time of this post.

The Firm Control Wear Your Own Bra Hi-Waist Legging are another great value product. They make your waist look teeny tiny and slim and smooth your legs, hips, bottom and thighs under tunics, slacks, pants or with an oversized sweater or top. You will also find deals on the high waist leggings saving 20%.

Also new to us is the Flexees Wear Your Own Bra Perfect Profile Shaper. It rests under your bust and gives added support around your rib cage, around the back and lifts the bust to give you that perfect profile.
Don’t miss the other discount Wear Your Own Bra Shapewear products on the Maidenform site like the Embellished WYOB Torsette and body briefer that both offer firm shaping around the tummy and torso, lifting the bust but allowing you to wear your own favorite bra.

In the Flexees Take Inches Off Collection on the site, don’t miss the cute discount Jacquard Hi-Cut Brief offered at 25% off. There are plenty of standout slimming foundation garments in the Take Inches Off Collection and you can save 25% off of retail prices on most of them.

Another great resource for discount Flexees shapewear is your local discount overstock stores like T.J. Maxx, Marshall’s, and Ross Stores. You can find incredible discounts on Flexees at these stores. We’ve also seen great bargain shapewear by Spanx, Yummie Tummie, and other high end luxury shapewear makers. You have to really look for it and watch for the shapewear undergarments you want each time you visit the store, but if you are patient, you will likely find great deals on Flexees.

On a recent visit to Marshall’s, we found a Flexees slip for more than 60% off the retail price and also saw comparable cheap shapewear products for $15-20, savings of 60-70%. The problem with buying shapewear at Ross or Marshall’s is that you can’t rely on the fact that they will have the body shaper you need on the first day when you go to look for it. Similar to shopping at a thrift store, you have to grab it when you find it and not get too upset if you don’t find the Flexees body shaper you are looking for on your first try. If you keep checking your local Ross or T.J. Maxx, you will find an incredible deal on the shapewear you are looking for.

If your needs for shapewear are more immediate, then you should try a store like Kohl’s or J.C. Penney. Kohl’s has a great selection of Flexees Shapewear and as with their other clothing, they often offer huge discounts. You can save 40-60% on Flexees underwear or body briefers or camisoles on a given day. Sometime the discounts will be lower but generally you will find some kind of savings on Flexees at Kohl’s. They have pieces from all of the different collections including the One Fabulous Body, Shapewear Chic, Take Inches Off, Ultimate Slimmer, Tailored Decadence and Fat Free Dressing collections.

Another way to save on shapewear is to get Flexees coupon codes. Flexees coupon codes can be found by entering “flexees coupon codes” or “flexees promo codes” in a google or yahoo search. There are tons of fantastic coupon aggregate sites that will show you the current and expired coupon codes for use online for various products including shapewear. If you have your eye on the Flexees Boudoir Slip or the Easy Up Body Briefer, use shapewear coupon codes to your advantage and save money when you buy your slimwear. Look for the expiration date and all of the terms of the deal to make sure the coupon you want to use to get discount shapewear is still valid. Remember also that you may find the specific shapewear undergarment at a website offering a lower price then one you may get using a coupon code from a full price site. Be strategic when using your Flexees coupon codes to purchase shapewear.

Don’t miss deals on the ever popular Rago Wide Band Thong (above) – a great everyday tummy control panty made by Rago Shapewear. It has a wide band around the mid-section but with thong underwear so it doesn’t show beneath your clothing. Also check out the Vedette body slimmer – an amazing deal at under $20. The Flexees Strapless Slip is another great value favorite.

Now, our favorite recent deal spotted on Flexees shapewear! On a recent visit to a local Costco store, we found Flexees camisoles and briefs at an incredible low discounted price. As store prices vary, we don’t want to guarantee any prices at your store but if you have been planning on buying Flexees briefs, or Flexees camis or any other Flexees shapewear products, get over to your local Costco before you make the purchase elsewhere – the prices were fantastically cheap. My store did not have Flexees shaping slips or body briefers but yours may. They didn’t appear to be on the website.

Make sure you browse our discount shapewear superstore where you will find Spanx products from Slim Cognito to Higher Power Panties, Yummie Tummie tanks and t-shirts, discount Vedette shapewear like their bestselling corselettes and body shapers as well as tons of Flexees shaping garments organized by collection.

What are your favorite places to find deals on Flexees shapwear and shapewear discounts?

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