Discount Yummie Tummie Sale!

December 27th, 2010

Major Deal Alert Ladies! Discount Yummie Tummie Deals for a limited time!!
If you have been considering buying a certain Yummie Tummie shapewear item but wanted a deal, now is your chance. Starting today, Dec 27th, you can get amazing discounts on Yummie Tummie’s tanks, shaping underwear, lace babydoll teddie and more for 50% off or more! Click HERE to go to the online sale and register if you aren’t already.

This Yummie Tummie deal won’t last long. It is available through Rue La La, a member’s only online sample sale site similar to Gilt Group or Haute Look. Today’s deals include Yummie Tummie shapewear deals.
Don’t miss discount shapewear on some of the following beloved Yummie Tummie Items:

Yummie Tummie Black High waist Brief at about 40% off
Yummie Tummie Emilie Lace Brief at about 40% off
Yummie Tummie Glamour Rhinestone Tank in Navy or Leopard, black and charcoal at 60-70% savings!
Yummie Tummie Slippie High Waist Slip at about 40% off retail prices!
Yummie Tummie Nude Slip Peek-a-boo Dress at 50% discount
Natalie Tank and the French Tank both at about 40% discount prices
Yummie Tummie Babydoll Teddie down from $118 to $49!! Killer savings!
Yummie Tummie Tricot Leggings at about 40% off
High waist yoga pants for 50% below retail prices
Yummie Tummy Freedom tank, and boyfriend tank and the undercover tank are also on sale at great prices.
Yummie Tummie High waist thongs are also on sale as well as tons of other incredible Yummy Tummie shapewear favorites.
This Yummie Tummie sale will not last long!

It is a pop-up sale so as soon as items are sold out in your size, they are gone. As of this writing, every one of the items listed is available and more. The online Yummie Tummie Sale will close in about three days but the real goal will be to get there asap so you can get first dibs on the deeply discounted shapewear!

Better than promo codes or coupon codes, you aren’t just saving 20% with this deal. Savings of 40%, 50% up to 70% or more are there for the different Yummie Tummie Tanks, leggings, teddies, tops, briefs and more. You will not need to enter a discount code at checkout or a promo code that doesn’t work or has expired. Everything is priced as listed so once you are into the sale, all of the deals are available to you with no surprises.

To get to the sale, got to If you are a member, simply log in. If you aren’t a member, click Yummie Tummie Deals to get in. It’s FREE! So hurry to it so you get registered in time for the sale. Happy shopping!

If you have been waiting for a Yummie Tummie sale or discount shapewear sales, this is a great chance to get luxury shapewear for discounted prices.

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