Flexees: Better than Spanx?

August 18th, 2010

Flexees: Better Than Spanx?

Are you looking for slimming undergarments and considering Spanx or Flexees? Flexees are budget conscious yet upscale undergarments with shaping underwear to address all of your problem areas and make you look like you lost weight overnight.

Whether you want something to trim your tummy, hide love handles, or minimize a muffin top – Flexees has the right shapewear to make you look like you shed pounds. For tummy control, you want to find body shaper pieces that address the waistline. The body briefers and Take Inches Off slips by Maidenform brand Flexees do a great job of taking inches off all over including the tummy area. You can go more targeted and try a waistnipper like the Easy Up Waistnipper or high waisted briefs designed to make your waistline, bottom and love handles look smooth and nice. If you want tummy control or to get rid of love handles, you can also try a camisole or top from the Yummie Tummie line which offers long tanks and long camisoles to cover love handles and tummy problems so that your tummy looks yummy.

Compare these Spanx Hi-waisted higher power mid-thigh slimmer and Flexees One Fabulous Body thigh slimmers:

If you need all over ultra firm control, Flexees has got you covered. Flexees has slimming camisoles, strapless slips that really tighten and suck you in, thigh slimmers, waistnippers, and slimming leggings to add to your slimming shapewear arsenal. Flexees slips, body briefers and thigh slimmers are also adored by women who have chosen them to wear post-surgery and as post-operation shapers as they recover.

There are lots of body shapers out there now. Yummie Tummie, Assets, and of course Spanx are great and have several excellent options but Flexees gets rave reviews for ultra firm control undergarments as well as lightweight slimming pieces.  In our own research, Flexees held up well and offered the same if not better hold at a cheaper price. Post-operation recovery forum shapewear users seemed to come to the same conclusion with many women preferring and recommending Flexees vs Spanx. Many women cited that their doctors recommended Flexees to them post operation and found that they worked as well as Spanx, if not better.

Flexees slips, body shapers and leggings are often about half the price of their Spanx equivalents. Yummie Tummie is also expensive but has some beautiful options if you plan to show off your shapewear. Cynthia Rowley’s new body shaping line is also gorgeous but more expensive too. It is also not simple and basic to wear under sheer clothing, it is done in rich colors with cool design elements making it appealing in the case that you reveal your shapewear. Cass Luxury Shapewear makes beautiful basic shaping pieces. Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe added the Cass 2-in-1 shaper to her must have list of undergarments. Flexees by Maidenform as a collection seem to be the best value and are accessible for everday and special occasion body shapers.

One major benefit to Flexees is that there are many shapewear undergarments that you can wear your own bra with. There are wear your own bra chemises, wear your own bra body briefers, camisoles and torsettes. This allows you to wear your favorite bra so you can slim the areas you want to minimize and enhance the areas you love without bulges getting in the way. Spanx offers many of the same pieces as Flexees but they are generally more expensive and cannot be purchased at Kohl’s, JC Penney or at such low prices as Flexees can. We love Spanx however and have found that the quality is excellent and they have a lot of choices so you can purchase a Spanx slim cognito thigh slimmer or a Spanx Hi-waisted Higher Power Panty thigh shaper at two very different price points depending on how much shaping you need. For everyday, you’d probably want to opt for the higher power panty and save the more firm control shaper for special occasions.

Other shapewear options:

Flexees has tons of slimming undergarments to choose from. Flexees One Fabulous Body collection offers great light control pieces that slim your body for everyday and remain invisible under clothes. For super firm control, collections like Flexees Ultimate Slimmer and Take Inches Off will make you look 10 pounds thinner and who doesn’t want that?

Flexees by Maidenform have been tested and designed with women’s problem areas in mind so the focus is on smoothing lumps and bumps and giving you an hourglass shape and a long, lean silhouette.

If you don’t require firm control shaping everyday, Flexees also has lightweight shape wear that offers smoothing under even the thin fabrics – check out the Flexees Weightless Power Collection and Flexees Fat Free Dressing shirts and camis. Also check out the Spanx camisoles that are available in Hide & Sleek strapless, Hide and Sleek adjustable straps or more solid v-necks. Flexees also have several options for necklines in their camis offering v-necks, lace options and spaghetti strap shaping camisoles.

Flexees are an incredible way to attack your problem areas. You can get trimming briefs with gusseted tummy panels, high waisted, regular and plus-size thigh slimmers, body briefers, chemises, strapless slips and more. Some pieces are made in beautiful fabrics that are meant to be seen so you can wear them as tops with full coverage.

Flexees offers incredible slimming solutions for every problem area – smooth over back fat, minimize a belly, get rid of muffin top, banish love handles, define a waist – even your posture can be better when you put on a Flexees body briefer or shaping slip. Get the confidence you need for every occasion by adding the right foundation. If you want wearable tops that cover your belly and smooth your tummy, try Yummy Tummy. The shirts, camis, tanks and Yummie Tummy dresses are wearable, stylish and make your body look better.

To compare slimming shapewear for yourself and find the right body shaper for your problem areas, check out the Shapewear Store that offers tons of options by Yummie Tummie, Spanx, and of course, Flexees.

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