November 16th, 2010

Are you looking for a girdle to slim your midsection?

Keep reading for info about top reasons you might want a girdle and some of the best girdles for every budget.
Girdles go back many decades and although they have evolved and improved a lot in recent years, the basic goal of a girdle remains the same – to slim and define the body focusing on the midsection. You buy a girdle because you want to look thinner and make your shape better. Women also buy girdles for post-surgery recovery. Sometimes a girdle is perfect for post-pregnancy recovery and girdles are often used for other post-operation recovery periods and are recommended by doctors.

There are many girdle styles offering many different levels of control. For those recovering from surgery or post-baby, an extra firm girdle will usually be the preferred shaping underwear.

From waistnipper or waist cincher style girdles to full body briefers, slips, high-waist thigh slimmers and bodysuits, there is a girdle for everyone.
Here are some ideas for post-pregnancy shapewear.

It’s difficult to get back to your pre-pregnancy shape and will take time but whether you have a C-section or a vaginal birth, shapewear post-pregnancy can be incredibly helpful in your healing and getting your body back to normal.

One of top selling girdles for women who have given birth is the Post Delivery Girdle Belt for post-natal women by Underworks. The Underworks Post delivery belt is affordable, comes in three sizes and focuses very specifically on the tummy area. Women who use the Underworks Post-Pregnancy Girdle Belt generally note that it is a little bit uncomfortable to wear as it should be worn tight but most find that it delivers great results. Some negatives to this girdle were that it didn’t continue to work and stay tight over time and that it was visible under some clothing.

Other maternity girdles to consider are the Medela Post Partum Support Girdle, the Postpartum binder support girdle by CMO. Another top pick that is slightly more expensive than the Underworks girdle is the Gabrialla Breathable Elastic Abdominal Binder for Women. This one is great for post C-section recovery and is made to be a comfortable girdle and breathable so that you can wear it all the time following your surgery. A more expensive option by Gabrialla is the Postpartum Girdle. This one is a panty girdle, shaping underwear with firm support through the abdomen as well as the back. It’s also breathable, and made to not show under clothing.

Another affordable option is the Amon Maternity Post Partum Body shaper. The Amon Maternity girdle is more lightweight and comfortable than some of the other shapewear undergarments for post-pregnancy but this tummy girdle won’t offer the same major firm abdominal support as some of the others listed.

For women who are looking for girdles for reasons other than having just had a baby, we have plenty of options for great slimming undergarments as well. Click to check out some of our favorite waist cinchers. The Compression Corselette Body Shaper by Vedette is the perfect way to really make your waist look tiny, smooth your tummy, offer abdominal control yet still manages to be sexy. The Vedette Corselette is a high waist girdle reported to be very comfortable while offering strong compression and firm support exactly where you want it giving you an hourglass shape. Vedette also makes a braless body shaper with latex the Vedette Girdle V107 that smoothes love handles, gets rid of a muffin top and offers major tummy control while allowing you to wear your own bra so your body looks amazing.

Another top compression undergarment is the Squeem Magical Lingerie Shapewear Firm Compression Cotton and Rubber Vest. This comes in a huge range of sizes from petite small to women’s 5X plus size. It offers ultra firm support shaping so you look like you’ve lost inches and pounds.

Shapewear maker Gabrialla also makes a post-liposuction girdle that is below the knee so it offers firm support from under the bust down to the thighs, focusing on the abdomen area. Other top picks for the best girdles are the Ardyss Girdle – High Waist Long Style, Flexees Instant Slimmer Firm Control Waistnipper and Flexees Women’s Easy Up Easy Down Pull On WaistnipperGirdle.
While none of these options are made as girdles for men, there are plenty of men’s girdles on the market now to check out.

As you can see, if you need a girdle after pregnancy or if you need a slimming firm support shapewear post-surgery or following a liposuction, there are some great affordable options. If you simply want a girdle to make you look like you’ve lost inches for a holiday party or wedding, there are thousands of choices for that as well. You can check out some of our favorite effective shapewear pieces if you click Foundation Undergarments that work

Determine if you want an everyday or more lightweight slimming undergarment or if you want some firm support foundation undergarments that will reshape your body. If you are looking specifically for shapewear for full figure women, please check out Plus Size Shapewear. You can opt for high waist briefs, waist cinchers, firm support girdles, full body briefers or thigh slimmers and pant liners to attack your problem areas so that you can showcase your body to its best advantage. Please browse our Flexees Shapewear store to find the best shapewear for you. We’d love to hear from you -please share which is your favorite girdle in the comments.

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