Maidenform Control It Shapewear

December 29th, 2010

Maidenform Control It Shapewear

If you are looking for Maidenform Control It Shapewear pieces, here are a few of our top picks.

Maidenform is a legend with a history of great underwear and shapewear and the Control It line is a great sister line to the Flexees Shapewear offerings by Maidenform.

Body shapers come in many forms. Some body shapers target problem areas helping with tummy control, thigh slimming or eliminating back fat while others take an allover approach and offer 360 degree slimming.
Here are some of the Control It shaping undergarments arranged by which problem area they target.

Thighs, Hips and Bottom
Maidenform Control It Packaged Hi Waist Capri
The Maidenform Capri leggings are a wonderful and comfortable pair of shaping leggings to wear underneath your dresses or pants. They go all the way up to the bust so you get slimming tummy control at your waistline and they trim your thighs, hips and butt. They are affordable at around $20 and are comfortable enough to wear every day.

Maidenform Control It Firm Control Thigh Slimmer
The firm control thigh slimmer is a terrific option to wear under skirts, dresses, shorts or pants to slim your thighs, bottom and hip area. There is also a firm control high waist thigh slimmer if you want control around your belly in addition to your thighs and bottom.

Maidenform Control It Light Control Thigh Slimmer
If you need less control and simply want something to smooth lumps and bumps and create a streamlined look under your clothing, try the Control It light thigh slimmer by Maidenform. It won’t give you the level of control of the Flexees thigh slimmer options or the Maidenform Control It Firm Control thigh slimmers but would be more comparable to the lightest control Spanx thigh slimmer.

Smooth Love Handles
Love handles are a problem for many women (and men) and the right shapewear can help to tame them. Some of the above high waisted thigh slimmers help attack love handles but here are a few other Maidenform options to help tame the love handles.

Maidenform Control it Wear Your Own Bra Back Slimming Camisole
The camisole allows you to wear your own bra and is a long enough line that it smoothes over the love handles and controls the tummy.

Maidenform Control It Firm Control Camisole
If you are looking for firm control around your back, stomach and love handles, this camisole is a good affordable option for love handle control under dresses, blouses, and shirts.

Maidenform Control It Waistnipper Tube
If you want something really targeted for your midsection, a waist cincher is a terrific option that won’t make you feel restricted or uncomfortable everywhere else. It is limited to the midsection like a corset or girdle but in the same soft yet firm control fabric of other Maidenform shapewear.

Tummy Control
The waistnipper tube described above is a good start for control around the tummy area. Some of the high waisted thigh slimmers and the hi waist Capri leggings are great for smoothing the tummy area too. Here are a few more Maidenform products to help with belly bulge.

Maidenform Control It Firm Control Waistnipper Brief
The Control It high waist brief offers firm control around the tummy area and smoothes love handles and your bum.
The Wear Your Own Bra Camisole and the Firm Control Camisole by Maidenform also focus on tummy control. If you want really firm control and to take inches off, check out Flexees collection by Maidenform for great slimming options with lots of compression.

Maidenform Control It Singlet
You can wear your own bra with this great unitard style singlet by Maidenform. It offers firm tummy control, thigh slimming, smoothes love handles, and back fat in one easy piece.

Arm Slimming
The maidenform Control It collection doesn’t offer any arm slimmer undergarments but the Flexees by Maidenform collection does offer a few excellent arm slimmer options including the Flexees Ultimate Slimmer Arm Slimming Shrug and the Flexees Arm toning top.

For all over slimming try the Maidenform Control It body briefer or the WYOB Singlet.
Which are your favorite Maidenform Control It Shapewear undergarments?

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