Underwear That Takes Inches Off Your Waist

August 24th, 2010

Looking for the Best Underwear That Takes Inches Off Your Waist?

If you want to check out some excellent slimming underwear that takes inches off your waist, keep reading. Most of us are looking for ways to enhance our figures and underwear that takes inches off your waist and smooths problem areas may be just the thing.

Fortunately, we live in a time when there are solutions for everything. From technology, to skincare, and fashion – if we have a problem, there is usually someone selling something that solves it. If you want to change the shape of your body without drastically changing your diet and lifestyle, you can get slimming shapewear for virtually any part of your body that you want to make better.

If you want thinner thighs, there are plenty of excellent thigh slimmers. Spanx high waisted leggings do double duty and help your midsection as well as being firm thigh shapewear. If you are looking to hide or smooth back fat – there is a solution for that too. However, if you want tummy control shapewear and a way to make your waist look tiny and give that hourglass silhouette, all you need is fantastic underwear that takes inches off your waist line.

Some of the best options to take inches off are made by Flexees. The Flexees take inches off singlet offers body briefer support from your thighs to your chest. You will find that most problem areas are addressed with the Flexees singlet or torsette. The high waisted Easy Up Waistnipper briefs are also good for making your waist look smaller. I will also give some other fantastic options by other brands so you have choices for your underwear that takes inches off. You may want white shapewear, some women prefer black shapewear and many prefer nude shapewear so that it blends in under lighter clothing. Others still are looking for sexy shapewear pieces and you can find more options for that by clicking Sexy Shapewear.

If you want a firm control shaper that really makes your waist look small, you could try a flexees waistnipper or waist cincher. These are made for the express purpose of making your waist look as small as possible. You could also go for a Flexees Shaper or full body briefer. This is more like a leotard or unitard and for some ladies, they prefer an easier two-piece approach to undergarments. Some people prefer not to wear a corset, girdle or waistnipper for daytime. Often this shapewear doesn’t work with what you are wearing so you need something that is easier, better concealed so it is invisible shapewear. Cass luxury shapewear makes a great V-neck shaping slip that takes inches off the waistline.

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Here are some of my favorite options for making your waist as small as possible:

Flexees One Fabulous Body Waistnipper Brief. Made in a lightweight supersoft fabric, the brief has a high waist to smooth your tummy area and make you look like you lost inches around your waist. Because this one is so lightweight, it can be worn with sheer clothing and is great for everyday.
For more control, try Flexees Take Inches Off Waistshaper Thigh Slimmer. This one won’t work if you are wearing a mini or short shorts but is great for pants, trousers or longer dresses and skirts as it smooths your thighs at the same time as it whittles a tiny waist. It is a firm control and high waisted panty that hits just below the bust so you have control you don’t have to worry about.

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Check out the Spanx Hide & Sleek High Rise Panty if you want to whittle a small waist too. These are great firm control high waist panties. The fabric is lightweight and comfortable but also offers supportive control around your belly, so it can tame love handles, and make your waist look smaller.
One of my favorites is by Cass luxury shapewear. They make a slimming underwear thong that takes inches off your waist but still allows you to wear a thong if that is what works better for your outfit and lifestyle. It is called the Cass Contour Thong and it is sleek and luxe like the rest of their body shaping products that include slips, camisoles, leggings and more. Cass also makes a Contour brief with a 5 inch band to slim your tummy. While on the subject of tummy control, if you prefer a brief, this is a great everyday option slimming the stomach area.
Another lightweight every day waist slimming underwear option is Spanx Higher power brief. These briefs are simple and basic and make good wardrobe staples.

Finally, another favorite is the Flexees Ultimate Slimmer Hi-waist brief. These offer ultra firm control and they get rid of love handles in addition to making your waist look skinny. High waisted briefs are great for tummy control and taking inches off your waist because they smooth the area from under the bustline all the way down to your bottom and compress the problem areas so you look slimmer.
These are just a few of the best bets for underwear that takes inches off your waist.

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